Milan B.Popovic - 'Vreme Brutalnih Dobronamernika' (Serbia)

This is my first time to write a review about a book. When the author contated me and asked me would I be interested in his work, I thought he got something wrong, cause after all I'm editor of a metal zine. But, Milan is also a contributor of musical mags in Serbia. and somehow he must be influenced from the music he listen to. This book is actually the 2nd part of the trilogy 'Bolji od svog zivota'. I didn't had a chance to read the other two parts, so you'll have to excuse me if I cannot present the whole conceptual idea of Milan's work. My first accent would be his strong will to present the confrontation and the vizualization of the dualism. All of his poems carries hidden message. Message about his spiritual feeling when needs to face the reality around him. If I try to vizualize himself, when I read some of his poems-I can see Milan, standing coldly absorbing the details of the moment, while his inner conscience tries to win the battle over the reality around him. I cannot call him a passive observer, either, cause his songs are full of anger , rage, as well as love, warmth and emotions. I wonder, is it reality that sruel that forced him to write brilliant poems? Or it is that good that our cruel perception couldn't handle it. The poems are separated in 5 parts by the thematics in it. So, there it goes my first review of a book.

                                                                           Darko Krstevski
                                                                                                  “V” magazine - Macedonia